2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Exterior

The Chevy Blazer 2024 SUV EV is an upcoming vehicle that will be a first for Chevrolet. Here's some more information about this trailblazing vehicle until the full picture is out.


The range for the Blazer EV comes out to about 320 miles on a full charge. The reason for this estimation isn't just because of the battery power you have. It's also because of what you're able to do with the regen brakes and the one pedal style. The brakes convert friction energy from slowing down into actually usable electricity, which you can give to your battery for even more range. The one pedal system can also be more efficient than switching from accelerator to brake. This means that as soon as you take your foot off of the accelerator with the one pedal, it will start to slow down your vehicle immediately and give your battery energy from that brake.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV Interior


One of the first things many people worry about with a vehicle like the Blazer EV comes down to how safe it is. Options the vehicle has includes automatic emergency braking, which will stop the vehicle immediately if you're going to hit something. There's an option specifically for protecting people in front of you with the front pedestrian braking when you're going at 50 MPH during the day. You have the IntelliBeam auto high beams for only deploying these lights when they won't be a nuisance to others at night.

You have options for lane keeping and warning you about departures. You have options for alerting you about forwarding collisions so you can handle it yourself. There's an option for giving you an indicator of the following distance as well.

The vehicle also has some flexibility when it comes to the charging options too. You can do home charging if you wish. However, you can use the DC Fast Charging stations to get energy even faster than what you'd have with many other options. There are many thousands of public charging stations around, of course, and with the range you get from the Blazer EV, you will be able to access many of them.

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