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Financing a new or pre-owned car, truck or SUV can be beneficial when purchasing a new vehicle if you're not looking to spend extravagant amounts on a new car. There are a wide variety of excellent auto loans you can take advantage of, as well as great leasing options. At Kenny Kent Chevy, we offer affordable Chevy financing for customers who are looking to make low payments on their freshly bought vehicle. However, before you take a seat in our financing department, there are a few frequently asked questions we'd like to provide you the answers to in order to get your finance journey started off on the right foot.

Will my credit rating affect my loan's interest rate?

Yes. If you have a low credit rating, it's likely that you will receive a much higher interest rate on your loan than if you had a high credit rating. Those with excellent credit typically receive loans with low interest rates, because they are viewed as financially responsible and considered more likely to pay their loan. However, those with bad credit can still receive competitive interest rates at our Evansville Chevy dealership due to our associations with multiple banks throughout the area.

What are the benefits of financing with Kenny Kent Chevy?

By taking advantage of our finance options, you can obtain a fantastic loan. We work with several different banks and financial sources, which allows us to present our customers with a multitude of competitive auto loans. Both high-risk customers and low-risk customers can gain access to outstanding loans that only require low monthly payments.

Is it true that shorter terms offer lower interest rates?

Yes, this is true. You are more likely to pay a lower interest rate if you receive a loan for two or three years than if you obtain a loan for five to six years. Individuals who receive a long-term loan are considered high risk, while those who obtain a short-term loan are low risk, because they are more likely to fill their payment obligations. If you want to maintain a low interest rate, a short-term loan is the way to go. To learn about Kenny Kent Chevy's short-term finance options, give us a call, or use the form to the right to request more information or ask a specific question.

Is it typical for buyers to finance through a dealership?

Absolutely. Over 24 million auto financing transactions occur each year at dealerships. Almost every dealer across the nation offers onsite financing and the majority of automotive financing is done through dealerships in this day and age. Buyers can choose Chevy financing or obtain a loan through various lending institutions.

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