In recent years, leasing has become a popular option for  many car shoppers who want more flexibility. From lower car payments to  hassle-free maintenance, leasing is a great alternative to traditional buying.  And while buying certainly has its benefits, leasing might be better for your  lifestyle. Read about our top four advantages of leasing below!

Hassle-Free Maintenance
Because all of our leased vehicles are typically new, with terms that last usually no longer than 2-3 years, you'll most likely be  covered if there's a mechanical failure. This gives a lot of drivers peace of  mind knowing that they will be able to drive without having to worry about  paying for costly repairs.

Less Money Down
Coming up with a large amount of money for a down payment is  difficult for a lot of folks. With leasing, you don't have to put down a large  sum in order to keep your payments low. And in some cases, you may not have to  put down any money at all, making it much easier for you to get behind the wheel  of that brand-new Chevy Silverado or Chevy Malibu that you've been patiently  waiting for.

More New Car Options
Nothing beats driving around in a brand-new car, right? If  you agree, then you'll definitely want to go with leasing. It allows you to  trade up to a new vehicle every 24 or 36 months, depending on your  predetermined lease agreement.

Better Technologies
Whether you like it or not, technology is constantly  evolving. And because most lease terms don't last that long, you'll get to  experience all the latest tech and safety systems that a brand-new Chevy car,  truck or SUV has to offer.  

To find out more about our leasing program, please visit us today  at Kenny Kent Chevy. We look forward to helping you drive home in the car  of your dreams!

If you're looking to lease a vehicle in Evansville, check out our awesome selection. We carry popular vehicles to lease like the Malibu and more! If you're already leasing, check out your lease return options!


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