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Cars are significant investments that require maintenance to continue operating well over the years. The level of care that you provide to the vehicle will determine how much you have to spend on repairing it as it gets older. You can keep your car running well and looking great with the right products used consistently.

We offer high-quality products to use in the cabin and on the body, this helps reduce wear now and in the future. Check out a few of our ZAK products that can offer a bit of assistance with maintaining the vehicle to ensure you can be proud to drive it and have a reliable mode of transportation.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

Is it worth the cost to invest in ZAK products? ZAK fluids are made to be applied to various parts of your car. We offer a variety of formulations and products to use on each system in your car. From the oil to diesel, we have products available to improve how the various parts operate. You can also use our products on systems that include the battery, cooling, power steering, brakes, HVAC, fuel system, and transmission.

A wide range of our products can be applied to the exterior of your car's body to keep it looking shiny and new. Consider purchasing different options like the Maximum Suds Car Wash, Headlight Restoration Kit, and Maximum Tire Shine. You can provide better care long-term with our products.

Extra protection can be obtained with the ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package. As a formula that is made to protect the paint, it can limit damage and wear that is often caused by salt, detergent, and the sun's rays. It will also reduce the appearance of water spots, bird droppings, oxidation, tree sap, and industrial pollution. You can even select a version of ZAK when it's time to detail the interior.

ZAK Fluids

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

All of ZAK products stand out for the premium ingredients used in each bottle, whether you're lubricating or cleaning the car parts. You may spend more for each bottle or application of ZAK, but the treatments work better and last longer to ensure you spend less over time. Your car will also operate better to ensure fewer issues develop.

ZAK Products Available at Kenny Kent Chevrolet

You can feel accommodated choosing the ZAK products we offer at our dealership in EVANSVILLE. We're always stocked on ZAK products to ensure you can protect specific parts of your car. Visit us today or contact us on our website to learn more about what ZAK fluids offer and why they'll improve your vehicle.

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