Your tires are the ultimate point of transfer for your powertrain and steering. If your tires are badly worn, you may start to notice vibrations on the highway or poor traction in wet weather. A visual inspection of worn tires may show bald spots, uneven wear, zigzag patterns, and even spots where the rubber coating is worn off entirely. Replacing worn tires and correcting any problems causing uneven wear requires the help of professionals. Let the professional automotive service technicians at Kenny Kent Chevy help you solve your tire problems fast.

How to Check Treadwear

If your vehicle tracks straight and seems to handle pretty smoothly, you will still come to an eventual point of excessive wear. In order to test whether your tires are still safe to drive on, mechanics have come up with something called the penny test. The penny test is simple enough for any car owner to do with just a few minutes of their time.

The first step is to get a penny. The tread test should be done on each tire by placing the penny upside down in the center tread of the tire. If you can see Lincoln's full head and hair, then the tire is worn below the safe limits of operation. If the tire is worn down significantly but Lincoln's hair is still obscured, you should probably start shopping for new tires now to avoid checking your tires every week.

Why Buy Tires at Kenny Kent Chevy?

When you purchase your tires at Kenny Kent Chevy, we can inspect the old tires and determine if there are any irregular wear issues that may indicate a deeper problem. A vehicle that is not properly aligned or that runs on over-inflated or under-inflated tires will probably see significant premature wear. Tires that operate in these conditions can start to wear out in less than a year. If your tires track straight and are kept properly inflated, however, they can last up to 8 years before a change is needed. The trick with tires is that they can get dry-rotted even if the tread looks good and should never be purchased used.

Avoid cheap used tires like the plague! A weak or old tire can blow out and cause an accident or a roadside emergency-situation when it goes flat. Don't be that driver standing on the side of the highway with a little worm jack in the pouring rain. It is dangerous to repair a flat tire on the shoulder of the highway and can be embarrassing in any situation.

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