How Often Should I Service My Chevrolet Equinox?

To make sure your Equinox remains healthy, safe, and performs at its best, you'll need to follow the Chevrolet Equinox maintenance schedule in the owner's manual of your vehicle. The owner's manual details the Chevrolet Equinox service intervals required for your vehicle based on manufacturer recommendations. These mileage-based intervals include an inspection of your vehicle's mechanical components and safety aids. It's essential to go with the mileage-based service recommendations to avoid damaged parts and extensive car repairs resulting in unchecked problems.

15,000-Mile Service

Although the first service milestone for your car occurs at 15,000 miles, it's important to know that your Equinox will need to have an oil change before this point. When the vehicle reaches 15,000 miles, it will have another oil change, as the SUV's oil changes are recommended approximately every 7,500 miles. The Equinox will need to have the engine filter changed if it's dirty for optimal engine and transmission performance. A mechanic will inspect the car's lights and wipers to make sure they are not worn out on the outside. The tires will be looked over to see if they are wearing out unevenly, in which case they'll need to be rotated. A Chevy mechanic may also look at the tire pressure levels.

30,000-Mile Service

Your Chevy Equinox will be due for another oil change at 30,000 miles, and it may have the engine filter replaced again. The tires will also get another inspection for their overall quality and condition. They may be rotated, and your vehicle may also need an alignment. The brakes will be checked, and any parts that are worn, such as the brake pads, will get replaced. The air filter in the car's cabin also gets evaluated at 30,000 miles, and it may be replaced.

60,000-Mile Service

When your car hits 60,000 miles, it is due for more comprehensive service. The same services that your car had at 30,000 miles are repeated at 60,000 miles. The battery, which lasts about 50,000 - 60,000 miles, may be replaced if its lifespan is nearing its maximum limit. The spark plugs and associated spark plug wiring will get checked. The transfer case fluid gets changed at 60,000 miles, and the evaporative control system is inspected.

90,000-Mile Service

At 90,000 miles, your Equinox will need to have the engine coolant fluid drained and replaced. The engine accessory belts and hoses get a visual inspection as well. The transmission fluid may be replaced, along with the brake fluid.

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