Anyone looking for a solid new truck that can pull a load may want to consider the Chevy Silverado 1500. There is plenty of engine power, seat comfort, and drivers can expect a quiet ride in an attractive vehicle. Buying or leasing is a choice. Leasing provides a number of benefits worth examining.

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What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Chevy Silverado 1500?

If you like the idea of driving a new vehicle every several years, then leasing might be the way to go. With leasing a new vehicle, advanced safety and technology always come with the package. It is also possible to get a more-advanced vehicle with respect to one’s budget. Depending on the lease deal, it may also be possible to pay less each month than if having purchased the same vehicle. At Kenny Kent Chevrolet, we can also inform customers about possible tax savings they may realize from leasing.

Is the Vehicle Covered?

Leasing also enables individuals to drive a vehicle during its most trouble-free years. The manufacturer’s warranty comes into play. Some warranties offer comprehensive coverage that may include scheduled maintenance. The lessee does not have to worry about trading the vehicle in and fluctuating trade-in values when he or she feels it is time to move on.

At Kenny Kent Chevrolet, we enjoy sitting down with customers who want to learn more about the benefits of leasing. Visiting is also a good way to test drive a vehicle of interest. We offer a robust selection of vehicles from which to choose. Call or visit today.


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