When Does Chevrolet Plan To Be All Electric?  

Chevy, along with its parent company GM, is currently focused on going all-electric by around 2035. When it comes to Chevy in particular, they may be able to pull this over even sooner.

Ultium and Chevy Evs

Ultium is a battery pack for electric vehicles that is 40 percent less expensive than previous EV vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt EV. The parent company projects that the second generation of Ultium packs could be up to 60 percent cheaper.

Like many car companies, Chevrolet is going to have to go through a transition towards electric vehicles for the foreseeable future for a few reasons. For example, there are regulations coming out, especially overseas, that could limit how much they will allow a vehicle to do carbon emissions while still allowing the sale of these products at all.

This is especially going to be an issue in Europe, but many other countries are adding these kinds of provisions as well, including parts of the U.S., Like California.

Another issue is that the world is just moving in this direction; it's a megatrend. Brands will eventually lose their customers for combustion engines entirely. Added to that is the truth that ultimately, EV options are simply going to be less expensive across the board for customers. This means that if brands don't sell a majority of electric vehicles, they simply won't make as much money as other companies will when they do sell them. It's also more than possible for brands that ignore the trend towards zero emissions and a greener planet to get a negative reputation just for avoiding it when other companies embrace it.

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