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Peace Zone Overview

Mental health and addiction problems are prevalent in almost every community in the United States. Evansville is no exception. Peace Zone is a non-profit organization that strives to help those individuals 18 and over who have developed an addiction or struggle with mental health. In some cases, people struggle with both. Founded in 2012, Peace Zone has helped thousands confront a very serious issue in their lives and come out on the other side with a more hopeful attitude and way of life.

How Peace Zone Helps

Peace Zone gives their clients hope by establishing many different avenues of escape from addiction and untreated mental illness. They have programs for just about every facet of the issue. For example, they have recovery support groups and programs for collaborative problem-solving. Peer support groups are also strong in the Peace Zone program. Peer mentoring, spurred on by people who have used the program to recover, gives people other avenues of hope.

Peace Zone is also active within the community. They do hospital outreach every year to reach out to people in inpatient mental health programs who might want to continue their recovery after being discharged. Community outreach is also a strong part of their program, with public forums where people can discuss, encourage and educate. They have an excellent Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) program, a workshop that helps direct people toward a recovery that is significant to them. Recovery is just another word for "living better." Peace Zone helps people discover their best life.

Once recovering, people need other outlets to continue that recovery. Peace Zone steps in here and provides workshops on the arts (such as painting) and even jewelry making. They have many different "arts empowerment" programs to choose from so people with all different kinds of interests can get together and enjoy life outside of addiction and mental health struggles. This outlet helps improve the quality of life for the people who take part in the Peace Zone program, as they can discover things they love in life.

Learn More About Peace Zone Today

If you'd like to learn more about Peace Zone, visit their website for further details. It goes into great depth about their specific programs to help people 18 years and older overcome the challenges of addiction and ongoing mental health problems.