Chevrolet and Domino's Make Ordering Pizza Easy

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Chevrolet and Domino's Revolutionize Pizza Ordering

Thanks to automotive-connectivity advancements, Chevrolet and Domino's now let you easily order your favorite pizza while you commute. We appreciate this development at Kenny Kent Chevrolet, and we want to show you how it works.

If you drive a 2017 or newer Chevrolet, you can access this convenient dining opportunity through your MyLink touchscreen's Marketplace menu. Chevrolet Marketplace launched in 2017, and it is the automotive industry's original integrated-shopping platform.

Chevy and Domino's convenient pizza-ordering feature requires a Domino's profile, which you can set up via your laptop or mobile device. You can save your favorite Domino's locations, preferred delivery address, and default payment method. Also, you must choose your Easy Order button's go-to pizza order. With those steps complete, simply connect your Chevrolet Marketplace account to your Domino's profile.

Right now, you can order your favorite Domino's pie through the Easy Order button. As this partnership evolves, you can expect expanded menu-item availability. In the 2020s, your ability to order Domino's through Chevrolet Marketplace on your way home will turn you into an efficient party host.

Connected cars provide more than convenience. They raise your on-road confidence and safety. For example, you can quickly find gas or contact roadside assistance via your Chevy's mobile-connectivity features. Mid-commute pizza orders simply create excellent added value for Chevy drivers.

Helping local drivers find the right connected Chevrolet thrills us at Kenny Kent. If you want to learn more about Chevy Marketplace's pizza-purchasing power and other features, please contact or visit us. We offer friendly faces and neighborly test drives.