What is Chevy MyLink?

Chevrolet MyLink

Understanding Chevrolet MyLink

Navigation at your fingertips is only one of the perks of the Chevrolet MyLink system. It's easy to use, and it makes just about any trip much less hectic. With a simple to read display screen, navigate smoothly through town or on an extended vacation with the Chevrolet MyLink system.

When you set up your MyLink, customize the screen so that the functions you use most often are accessible at all times. No more fumbling around trying to find your favorite satellite radio station, or trying to understand what your navigation system is telling you to do.

If you have a smartphone, connect the phone to the system through a Bluetooth connection. You'll be able to make phone calls, listen to the music on your phone and get text messages all through the MyLink system once your phone is properly connected.When you travel frequently or you need to navigate quickly while driving, the system is also voice activated. Ask for a change in direction fast, all while on the go.

If you don't want to use the Bluetooth to connect your phone to the system, use the USB port instead. When you have Sirius XM or Pandora, you can use these apps by connecting your phone into the Chevrolet MyLink system with either a USB or Bluetooth. For those with an iPhone, you can use Siri Eyes Free. This is an app where you can write texts or emails, all by using the Sir voice command.

It's more convenient going from one point to another using the navigation system. The Chevrolet MyLink will show detours, offer suggestions for alternative routes, and even estimate how much fuel is going to cost for a specific trip. If you get lost, it's simple to use the Where Am I? feature on the Chevrolet MyLink. Find out where you are and discover various points of interest while you are traveling. In addition, the system will provide you will information regarding traffic and any crashes that have occurred. When you get stuck in traffic, you'll have a better understanding why and potentially learn of alternative routes to try.

Whether you must travel all of the time for work, or you like to try new destinations with the family, it's time to give Chevrolet MyLink a try. With hands free capabilities and all the features of your smartphone on the screen in front of you, this is much more than a simple navigation system.

If you would like to learn more about Chevrolet MyLink, it's time to visit Kenny Kent Chevy and meet with one of our professional sales staff.

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